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Reed handicrafts Anterior

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Average temperature:



2752 m.a.s.l

What should I bring?:
  • comfortable shoes
  • camera
Activities :
  • Photography
  • Shopping tourism
  • Cultural tourism

Taking advantage of the handicraft potential of the people of this region, several years ago the enterprise "Totora SISA Civil and Commercial Society" was formed.  This community group has arisen by the initiative of various entities such as the Junta Parochial of the San Rafael Lake, artists from the Cachiviro, Huayco Pungo, Cuatro Esquinas, and Tocagón communities and the Indigenous Community Union of San Rafel Lake(UNCISA), with the support of different national and international organizations.

The workshops function in the artist center SISA, located on Bolivar street in the parish of San Rafael, where they make and sell their products. The Association members also participate locally, nationally and regionally where they exhibit their products and all the articles made of this material.

The product is of excellent quality.  The artists are constantly innovating and diversifying their sales in the markets.

Other products made are cushions, lamps, living room articles, sofas, rugs, bread baskets, hats, trash receptacles, rafts, paper, etc. They also make objects for domestic use among them are weavings that form a great reed carpet that serves as a decorative element in the home.

To obtain more information about these products, you can visit http://totorasisa.blogspot.com/

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