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During Holy Week on Holy Friday there is a slow procession with the images of the Passion.  A brigade of young men in turbans with white tunics and pointed hats carry lighted torches.  A reverent multitude leaves the church and walks the streets of the city with chants and prayers,…

Faith during Holy Week in Otavalo

Technical management of Tourism and Local Economic Development of GAD Municipality of Otavalo has the objective to facilitate tours for tourists and visitors and promotion of touristic development in the canton, beginning with the placement of 28 touristic billboards in various key points that make up the Otavalo-Peguche Waterfall-Condor Park-El…

Installation of touristic sign posts for routes in Otavalo - Peguche Waterfall - Condor Park - El Lechero

Thanks to the data provided by various first and second class establishments that give lodging services, we have been able to determine the level of occupation that the hotels have reached during the 4 days during the Carnival festival this year. To download the information in PDF, click this link.

Hotel occupation determined in Otavalo

To obtain the statistics about the preferences of tourists that come to Otavalo, the Management of Tourism and Local Economic Development of Otavalo made a market study of various tourists in the canton that had visited during the Carnival Fair of 2015. Thanks to these results various proposals of planning…

New investigation of the tourist profile for Otavalo

The Tourism Commision of Imbabura made a market investigation surveying different tourists about their origin, destination, estimated spending, etc., in El Juncal and El Cajas, strategic points of entry to the province of Imbabura. This data serves to help implement an accurate planning proposal for promotional campaigns. To download this…

Preferences of tourists that arrive in Imbabura

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