San Pablo Lake

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The San Pablo lake is found located in the parishes of Gonzáles Suárez, Eugenio Espejo and San Rafael; only 10.7 km (10 minutes) south of the city of Otavalo. It is located at a height of 2660 m.a.s.l. and with an average temperature of 12°C.

At the San Pablo lake found at the foot of the magestic Imbabura volcano, we are offered various hikes that take us to natural lookouts like El Lechero and Mira Lake, the latter is found on the side of the Panamericana.

On the sides of the lake we find parishes such as Gonzáles Suárez, San Pablo, San Rafael and their respective communities. One of these communities is Araque, where we find the Aquatic park, where there are tours offered in boats and a variety of typical dishes of the area in a restaurant. The road that encircles the lake is completely paved.

As well, in its shores, we encounter lodging services such as Hostería Puertolago and Hostería Cabañas del Lago, 2 quality options for your stay when you visit Otavalo.

In this lake, a famous open water swimming event is held year after year during the Yamor festival.

The lake is 35 m deep at the shoreline and 48 m deep at the center with a surface of approximately 7 km2 and its shores are covered mainly with reeds, that constitute the primary material for artisan creations, the same that are commercialized in various places of the country by the TOTORA SISA association.

How to get there

In your own vehicle

Coming from Quito: Take the right entrance of Gonzáles Suárez to pass the San Pablo and  Araque communities. This is the fastest way to get to the Araque Aquatic Park.

Coming from Otavalo or Ibarra: Take the left entrance of Eugenio Espejo, then you arrive at the antique pier passing various communities such as Camuendo, Compañía and finally Araque.

Using public transportation

Coming from Quito: Get off at the Gonzáles Suárez bus stop and take a taxi to the destination you indicate.

Coming from Otavalo: Cooperatives like Otavalo, Los Lagos and Imbaburapac can bring you to the communities of San Pablo, Araque or Trojaloma from where you can get to the lake. Trip Cost:  35 cents


Additional Info

  • Average temperature:


  • Elevation:

    2660 m.a.s.l.

  • ¿What should I bring?:
    • Warm clothing in winter seasson
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Sunglasses
    • Hat
    • Camera
  • Activities:
    • Picnic
    • Photography
    • Hikes
    • Mystic tourism
  • Advice and precautions:

    Deposit your trash in the appropriate receptacle.

    If you bring your own boat, you have to be aware of the air currents, that they don´t pull you out too far.