El Lechero Lookout

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This tree is considered millenial and is located on the site known as Pucará de Rey Loma, at an altitude of 2847 m.a.s.l. and with a temperature of about 12°C.

The landscape consists of clear agriculture where the prevelant crop is corn and other Andean products in the area such as beans, chocho, and potatoes. 

There are also pine and eucalyptus forests.  The fauna is represented by birds of the region such as sparrows, blackbirds, huirachurros, quilicos, quindes, among others.

This is a natural lookout where you can observe the San Pablo lake, Imbabura volcano, the city of Otavalo, the Fuya Fuya mountain and Cotacachi volcano. This traditional point of view is a very important place for indigenous customs.  It is a sacred site where purification rituals are performed among the indigenous of Ecuador and others from around the world.

In a religious context, the conservation of the sacred tree, an old milkman, is the center of the superior platform of King Loma, having great significance.  In times of drought they prayed for rain for the plants and regularly brought offerings for the first corn of the harvest and on the occasions of burials or deaths.  In this case the known foods were peas, toasted corn kernels, guinea pig or chicha.

Also, there are various matrimonial and cleansing rituals, as well as others.

El Lechero is an obligatory stopping point when you want to visit the Condor park as it is only 5 minutes away.

How to get there

In your own vehicle

From the city of Otavalo you can take Piedrahita street east that will bring you to a signal light, paved, later covered in stone. It is easy to access using whatever type of vehicle and will take about 10 minutes.

Public Transportation

You can take a taxi and ask that it bring you to the El LEchero and you will arrive in about 10 minutes. Trip cost:  $3.50


You can take Piedrahita street east that leads you to a stoplight.  The time it will take you to arrive is approximately 1 hour.

Additional Info

  • Average temperature:


  • Elevation:

    2.847 m.a.s.l.

  • ¿What should I bring?:
    • Warm clothing in winter season
    • Sunglasses
    • Sun block
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Camera
  • Activities:
    • Mystic tourism
    • Cultural tourism
    • Photography
  • Advice and precautions:

    If you want to visit this landscape, you should plan to visit in the morning or afternoon hours.  The place is worth the effort for photography lovers.