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Runa Tupari Native Travel is a rural community travel operator formed in 2001 by the Farmers and Indigenous Union of Cotacachi (UNORCAC) and four indigenous communities from the  Cotacachi Canton - Ecuador.

Runa Tupari in Kichwa means "Meet the Indigenous" and expresses our objective to facilitate cultural exchange between the visitors and the region's population.  This meeting permits guests to experiment with direct contact with nature and above all enrich the intercultural partnership.

All the proceeds of  Runa Tupari are reinvested to improve the living conditions in the rural communities, directly from the town council or through UNORCAC and its projects. (for more information about UNORCAC and its work visit

The work of  Runa Tupari has been made famous through various prizes such as Acknowledgement of Merit by the Ministery of Tourism in Ecuador (2008), and Stamp of Quality PACHAMAMA (2012).

Additional Info

  • Tours and services:
    • Rural community tourism
    • Tours to the indigenous communities and Cuicocha lake
    • Hiking around Cucicocha lake
    • Acending Fuya - Fuya and visiting Mojanda lake
    • Horse rides to the indigenous communities
    • Decending by bicycle to the Andean communitites
    • Acending Cotacachi volcano
    • Volunteer programs
    • Galápagos tours
    • Regional tours
    • National tours
  • Price:

    Prices fluctuate from $30.00 to $60.00 per day depending on the tour chosen.

  • Address:

    Sucre  14-15, between Quiroga and Quito, next to Plaza de Ponchos

  • Telephone:

    (00 593) 06  2 922 320 / 099 590 646 / 0997286756

  • Web site:

  • Email:

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.