Totora Sisa


Taking advantage of the artisan potential of the people in this region, the enterprise, "“Totora SISA Civil and Commercial Society”, was formed as a community group to ensure the various entities like Junta Parrish of San Rafael of the Laguna, artists from the communities Cachiviro, Huayco Pungo, Cuatro Esquinas, Tocagón and the Union of Indigenous Communities of San Rafael of the Lake (UNCISA), with the support of different national and international organizations.

The workshops function in the artistic center of SISA,  located on Bolivar Street, in the San Rafael parrish where products are made and sold.  The members of the association also participate in the local, national and regional fairs where they exhibit handicrafts and many other articles made with the material.

The poduct is of excellent quality.  The artists are constantly innovating to diversify their sales and increase markets.

Other products made are cushions, lamps, living room furniture, sofas, mats, bread baskets, hats, waste baskets, rafts, paper, etc.  Also, domestic objects are made, among others the traditional matting is woven of reed to form a large mat that serves as a decorative element for interiors.

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    • demonstration of creating reed handicrafts
    • exhibition of reed handicrafts
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    San Rafael de la Laguna Parrish

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