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The "Coraza Ñan Rural Tourism Association is located in the province of Imbabura, Otavalo canton, San Rafael lake parish, in the northern area of Ecuador, 6 km from the city of Otavalo and 86 km north of Quito, surrounded by picturesque Andean landscapes and inhabited by creative people  It is the birthplace of the original town of Otavalo.  It is 2760 m.a.s.l. and the climate is mild, dry and medeterranian or sub-Andean in the valleys. The temperature varies between 12° and 17 C° in front of the "San Pablo" lake and Imbabura volcano.  It is surrounded by 8 indigenous Kichwa-Otavalo communities. 

Actually the population where you find this organization is a well-known model in the traditional arena in the use of natural fibers called Totora (Reed).  The utilitarian artists make winnowing forks, baskets, rush mats, and different types of high quality furniture.  They have as well, festival customs and traditions that date from the pre-Incan period of Coraza and the XVII and XVIII centuries such as the Pendoneros and Inti Raymi (San Juanes), where the principal beverage is chicha or Yamor, known also as the drink of the gods.

Thanks to a singular topography and geographic location this area is suitable to host various activities such as: water sports, sports fishing, hiking, ecological mountain biking, downhill, paragliding, cavalcades, agro-tourism, ranches, existential and experiential tourism, food industry routes, sport tourism, community eco-tourism, etno-tourism and rural logical lodging. 

The guest services of the rooms or cabins that include breakfast are located strategically in the center of town or in the communitites of Cachimuel, Tocagón and lower San Miguel.  They have a traditional restaurant, cafeteria and delicatessen.  There is also an art gallery, sports fishing, walks, ecological biking, water outings, agro-tourism, souvenir shops, etc.  All are typically rural and supplemented with extreme adventure sports.

Finally we invite tourists and foreign travelers alike to experience a different and diverse tourism, visit new destinations strong in tradition and live with nature and culture.  You have many reasons to visit San Rafael lake where we wait with open arms and a happy heart at the "CORAZA ÑAN" RURAL TOURISM ASSOCIATION.  You can take the path of Coraza, a character of enormous importance and value for the Kichua-Otavalo people and Imbabura in general.

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